Get Lush with your Lover – Massage Bar Review!

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What smells super amazing, feels almost as good as sex, and is super stress relieving? Massages! While massage oils are super nice, they are greasy and can easily clog pores which can lead to some rough looking skin. Enter: Lush Cosmetics massage bars- these moisturizing bars melt into a sensual combination of essential oils and pure happiness. So get ready to cuddle up with your Valentine tonight and connect on a whole new level with these amazing massage bars!

Soft Coeur (the Honeymooner)

Lush Soft Coeur (the Honeymooner)

We had to start the list off with our favorite! Show your partner how much you adore them with this heart-shaped massage bar that softens into a mouthwatering mixture of cocoa butter, honey, almond oil, and chocolate. This is guaranteed to make your sweetie even sweeter!

Pearl Massage Bar

Lush Pearl massage bar

This massage bar is perfect for the bubble tea lovers out there! The tapioca and sago bubbles massage and invigorate skin while rose and argan oil seep into the skin to create a soft floral scent.

Hottie Massage Bar

Lush Hottie Massage Bar

“Hottie” is our go-to bar after a hardcore day at the gym. The bumps along the surface of the bar massage skin deeply while jojoba oil, hot black pepper, and ginger oils warm skin and relieve pain. This bar is everything you need to get hot with your hottie, and more!

Each Peach (and Two’s a Pair)

LUSH Each Peach (and Two's a Pair) Massage Bar

Life is peachy with this massage bar! The aeration technique used to create this bar helps the citrus oils, avocado, cocoa butter, and mango kernel butter melt into the skin with ease.

Dirty Massage Bar

LUSH Dirty Massage Bar

What can we say? It’s Valentine’s Day and we cannot get enough chocolate! The “Dirty” massage bar uses sweet cocoa powder, a dark chocolate center, and a hint of Lush’s classic Gorilla Perfume Dirty to create a uniquely sweet smell.

All of these bars are perfect last-minute Valentine’s Day gift ideas. So if you dropped the ball (Or shall we say bar?), Lush definitely can definitely pick it back up for you!

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