Get the Look: Claire Danes 2013 Emmy’s Style

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The 2013 Emmy Awards brought the stars out in high fashion once again. This year was no different. While keeping our eyes on the lovely blonde bob of Claire Danes.  Want to get her look? See Below.


Get the Look:

  1. Apply a light mist of COLOUR FANATIC to prime and protect hair. Blow dry 50% with a round brush
  2. Apply two pumps of HIGHLIGHT STYLIST BODIFYING LUMINATOR foam and finish blowdrying with a medium round brush, keeping the root flat while rolling the ends under
  3. Tuck left side behind the ear and finish with STRENGTHENING CONTROL ZERO DULLING HAIRSPRAY for long lasting shine and finish

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 Step by Steps created by:

Sandra Joseph and Angela Noreck of Pureology Serious Color Care

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