Look 1 of the Runway Bride Collection, the Romamtic Side Updo!!

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Lizzie Liros, wedding hairstylist guru bring us this amazing set of 5 beautiful bridal hair styles. each day this week we are featuring a different style tat she created for her Runway Bride Collection.

The first wedding hairstyle is of a romantic side updo, this look is perfect for bridal gowns with lots of detail near the face or a high neckline. we king of think of this look as a modern take on the vintage beehive it has great volume on top but is anchored to the side not the back.

Look 1 of the Runway Bride Collection, the Tousled Side Updo: Wedding hairstyles by Lizzie Liros, makeup by Ann Hassarati and photographed by Dario Gardiman.

  • To prepare the hair, spray with White Sands Undercover Blow-Waving Lotion. Dry hair upside down to give maximum root lift.
  • As the head is upside down, tease the entire head of hair as much as possible.
  • After a heavy backcomb, while the head is still upside down, place an elastic on the ends of the hair to create what looks like a little ponytail. Ensure the front section of hair is pulled directly back away from the face.
  • Flip head upright so that the ponytail now looks like a cone.
  • Tuck the ends of the ponytail back into the body of the hair to hide the elastic and drop the hair to the side. The wedding hairstyle will look like it’s falling out, which is the desired effect.
  • Lightly position any loose hair around the front of the face into place and finish with a light spray of White Sands Infinity Hair Spray to hold number one of the five wedding hairstyles in place.

Wedding hairstyles tip: Be sure to give diligent effort to the teasing. It is what is holds this style together and gives its fullness for a romantic, Victorian look.

Be sure to check us out tomorrow come back next week for number two of Lizzie Liros’ wedding hairstyles, a dreamy, wavy side ponytail. Until then, happy styling!


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