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If you’re newly engaged, you probably don’t have a ton of time on your hands-especially when it comes to making them look pretty! The best way to emphasize that gorgeous sparkler on your finger is to have a fresh and flawless manicure. So, what can you do when you can’t make it to the salon? We suggest using imPress nails! The idea of press-on nails used to make me cringe. I would always think about how long and obviously fake they look, however, this brand looks and feels incredibly natural. Half of the time, I would forget that I was wearing them! Tasks such as typing, washing hair, and texting are often impaired by the use of artificial nails. ImPress nails, however, cause for a seamless daily routine. The flexibility of the nail mimics that of an actual nail, and the length does as well.

So So Stella in BIP011

Impress Nails - So So Stella

We absolutely adore this color for any bride! The peachy beige color of the nail is so versatile, you can wear it with anything. This color is perfect for the more natural bride, as it blends in so well with any skin tone. My favorite part about a neutral manicure such as this one is the fact that you can dress it up, or dress it down. It will look gorgeous either way!

Symphony in BIPA010

ImPress Nails - Symphony

For the glamorous bride, we love this style! The set comes with 24 soft pink nails and 6 golden glitter accent nails that will make a statement. These nails will embody the bride’s unique style, all while maintaining utmost elegance. The color of the nails will fit a spring or summer wedding with grace, and we love that they could be worn on the honeymoon as well!

Media Darling in BIPM270

Impress Nails Media Darling

Pastels are all the rage during the spring season, which makes this nail perfect for the warm, colorful months when flowers are in bloom. The color goes perfectly with a garden wedding, complete with a soft, mint hue that will match your bouquet!

Bright As A Feather in BIPD280

Impress Nails - Bright As A Feather

You’ve got something old, something new, and something borrowed covered. But you still need something blue! We love the cobalt color and the glitter texture on this nail to electrify your look. These nails are best fit for an evening wedding, and will match the sparkle of the stars in the sky.

Night Fever in BIPD051

Impress Nails - Night Fever

Nothing says fall wedding like a nice, deep shade of red with a hint of gold. The golden accent begins at the tip of the nail, and fades out in a bold way. This nail is perfect for a classic bride with a little extra flair. It almost reminds me of a firework the way the golden glitter disperses throughout the nail!

These are only a select few of the nails that imPress has to offer, but we are very impressed with them! They have a huge variety of colors and styles to offer, so make sure that you check it out before your big day.


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