Pretty Tips for your Fingertips: Zoya “Brooke”

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One of the biggest trends this year has been bold statement necklaces, and this week I’m inspired to do my manicure in a beautiful pink jewel toned color from one of my favorite pieces! I got this necklace from Etsy which is actually inspired from the J.Crew “color-mix” necklace.  J.Crew necklaces can retail up to $200 and I got mine for a steal at $30 on Etsy! You can search statement necklaces and find a wide variety of choices!

I’m featuring Zoya “Brooke” which is a beautiful jewel toned color with a little hint of purple duo chrome. You can find Zoya polishes at   or in Ulta stores.  The formula of Zoya polishes is amazing and opaque within two coats. This is a perfect transition from summer to fall and I’m excited to see the trend continue into the winter season!


Happy painting!


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