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Hey Beauties, we are counting down the hours and minuets until this weekend finally arrive. Yes we like everyone else like weekends but one weekend a year we get to have the best time playing with some of our favorite things…MAKEUP!!! This coming weekend is The Makeup Show Orlando, we will get the opportunity to take classes from the some of the industries top professionals, and try out the latest and greatest in new makeup. To get you as excited as we are we ask our friend James Vincent to give us his advice on perfect bridal makeup for every bride to be, so sit back relax and enjoy learning all of the things you need to know to make your bridal look stunning.

From James:

Keep your makeup classic and polished. You never want to design a look that feels too trendy or of the moment as it might look dated in your treasured photos. Try a classic look that will open and flatter any eye or any personal style.

A traditional three color eyeshadow application is a classic look that works well in any situation.  Choosing a lighter shade of shadow, a medium shade as a feature for color and texture, and a darker shade that will allow you to sculpt and shape the eye while bringing across a beautiful look.

The lighter shade can be used as a base shadow as well as to highlight.  A lighter color is going to open something up, bring something out, or make something look larger. The medium shade can be the focus color and can be used to play with texture or trend. You can also choose a complimentary color or  work with wardrobe choice.  The darker shade can be used to add depth and contour as well as double as a liner look.  Your lighter and darker shades should be matte textured for the ultimate contour and shaping ability but texture can add a point of interest.

  1. To begin apply the lighter color from lash to brow, from the outer corner of the eye to the inner corner of the eye. Wherever you put your brush down is the strongest deposit of color so be sure to mirror the action.
  2. Next use a soft shadow brush and sweep your medium shade onto the lid from crease to lash. If your eyes are close together keep the darkest part of the application at the outer corner of your eyes. If they are further apart keep the darkest part of the application at the inner corner for a more balanced application.
  3. Finish with a darker shade. A pointed crease brush or soft shadow crease brush can be brought back and forth into the crease like a windshield wiper.
  4. Next use a small angled brush along the top lash line the way you would apply an eye pencil to add depth and give the lashes length.
  5. Finish with a waterproof pencil like Make Up For Ever Aqua XL pencil and a longer wear mascara and you have, in just a few seconds, achieved a classic eyeshadow application that you will be happy looking at for years to come.

Shadow palettes are the perfect choice for this look. Mustaev Makeup James Vincent Bridal Palette or Smoky Palette or Senna Cosmetics Shadow Palette for the perfect color options. For an affordable option with a pro feel Crown Brush palettes allow you to experiment without breaking the bank.

A classic eye application can be paired with a soft, natural lip for a subtle look, or with a classic red shade for a more glamorous bridal look. When choosing a red look to your skin town. If you have a cool skin tone choose a blue based Redmi this will flatter your complexion, whiten the teeth and brighten the eyes. If you have a warmer skin tone choose an orange based red but the pro trick is to add a touch of blue based red into the center of the mouth to get the brightening effect. This makes any smile more dazzling. A few of my favorite reds or brides are MAC Ruby Woo, Make Up For Ever 403 or 404, and NARS Jungle Red.

Lastly, think about setting your makeup in place. My pro trick is to start with setting spray foam the begining of the application. A toner like rose water will help to give the product something to adhere to. Start with a rose water spray like Embryolisse or Mario Badescu for a refreshing start. Next apply your foundation in sheer layers. Between each layer use a setting spray like Skindinavia or Make Up For Ever Mist and Fix applied with a blending sponge. Finish with a spots of fix when your application is finished and you will not have to worry about your makeup moving all day.

So Beauties stayed tuned to our social media channels this weekend as we share all of the new beauty to behold!




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