Create a fresh face with Lush Mask Of Magnamity

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I bought this face and back mask from LUSH and I couldn’t wait to try it out! Everything LUSH are fresh handmade products, making it as “green” as you can get.  As soon as you put the mask on your face you can tell it is doing something! Your skin gets a tingly feeling for the first minute or so and after that it’s just a pure clean feeling.  You can really tell it’s working with your skin and not against it.  You leave the product on for five to ten minutes and when it’s time to wash it off it turns into a scrub.  Get a little warm water on your face and GENTLY use the mask as an exfoliator before washing it all off.

This mask has china clay, fresh peppermint, aduki beans, vanilla and even honey in it.  The clay and fresh peppermint are in there to get down into your pores and clean your skin, which in turn gives you that tingly fresh feeling when you put it on.  The beans, of course, exfoliate your skin, the honey soothes, and the vanilla takes the redness out of your face or back.

Most masks have other ingredients in them making it a little harsher to your skin, and are used maybe once a week.  However, this product is fresh and homemade like I discussed before and is used for the simple act of cleaning your skin; making it safe for you to use every day if you so desired.    I just love how this is completely organic and you can use it whenever you want your skin to be clean and refreshed! I definitely recommend this product and am so glad I was encouraged to buy it!



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