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Okay ladies, who all out there exfoliates??? Hopefully the answer to that was everyone! Exfoliation is a very important part of your weekly skin care regiment. I covered this briefly in my last post about your daily skincare routine; however since I am reviewing an exfoliator, it only seems right to explain to you what it is!

Exfoliation is a cosmetic technique aimed at removing dead skin cells from the surface of your face or body.  This is mainly accomplished through the use of some gentle abrasive materials associated with a moisturizing and cleansing lotion.

When choosing the right product to perform the best exfoliation of your skin, ensure that it will perform the task as well as cleanse and moisturize your skin.  Dead skin, excess oils and dirt should all be eliminated upon completion of the process. If the product you choose cannot claim to perform all of that, search for a better option.

Exfoliation should be part of you weekly skin care regiment.  Now when I say “weekly”, that’s exactly what I mean.  You should not exfoliate more than twice per week; especially if you have sensitive skin.  This is a deep cleaning action that actually scrubs away the dead skin.  It sole purpose is to deep clean!  Over-use of exfoliation can lead to dry and irritated skin.  If it is done correctly, the “beads” or exfoliating materials will clear away the top layer of the skin, revealing the healthier and newer layer underneath.  Before you exfoliate you have a rough old layer of skin on your face, after you exfoliate you have a soft and newer layer of skin

I was given a sample of this product by Eisenberg to see how well it works, and I personally love it!  I used it right after I showered and it didn’t dry my skin out like most exfoliators do.  It was gentle but I could feel a difference in the general quality of the product I was using as well as the results.  To use, you massage gently into your damp skin, when it starts to foam rinse off with warm water and pat dry.  You can honestly feel how clean your skin is.  It’s not dry or irritated; it’s just clean, which is exactly what you want out of your exfoliator.

I suggest using this product about twice a week right after you have cleaned your face.  Make sure your face is damp! If your face doesn’t have a bit of moisture on it, the scrub will be too rough for your skin. The more lather you create the more gentle it will be.  Eisenberg has made a fabulous exfoliator and I recommend it to all you lovely bride-to-be’s out there!


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