Summer Side Braid Tutorial!

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Hey Beauties, today we wanted to bring you the perfect Summer Side Braid Tutorial, if you are attending a summer wedding or you are the bridesmaid in a beach wedding then this tutorial is perfect for you! Check out the video and step by step instructions below:

Video By Stephen Hybarger for Bridal Beauty

Summer Side Braid Step-by-Step

Tools Needed:

• Curling Iron
• Small Elastic Band
• Bobby Pins 1-2
• Hair Spray

How To:

1. Curl your hair using a 1″ Curling Iron we used Hot Tools Professional 1″ Professional Curling Iron

2. Create a side part in your hair and take a small section from your preferred side of the part line, we recommend the side with less hair to get this type of look.

3. Split the section into three equally smaller sections.

3. The beginning of the braid is just like the one of a normal braid: start braiding by crossing the back section across the middle one.

4. Continue by crossing the front section across the middle one.

5. Add a little bit of hair to the back section before you put it across the middle section. Grab the additional hair from right next to your part line.

6. Add a little bit of hair to the front section before you put it across the middle section. Grab the additional hair from right by your temple and hair line. ( if you haven’t realized it yet the front part of this braid is a traditional french braid which turns into a 1/2 braid at the end.)

7. Repeat sections 5&6 until you reach the point where you are about to hit the back of the head.

8. At that point you want to stop taking sections from the bottom of the hair. Instead continue step 5  and instead of step 6 you will want to continue to braid without picking up and hair from the bottom.

8. As you braid you want to make it looser and looser around the back so you can eventually stop picking up new hair and just finish off the braid.

9. Tie off the end of the braid with and elastic band. Wrap a section of your hair around the elastic to hid it and fasten it with a bobby pin.

10. taking your hands gently pull the braid apart giving it a softer and more boho vibe.

11. Sweep all of your hair to one side, spray with hair spray to hold everything in place and you are ready to go!

This look is perfect for a wedding guest, or for a bridal shower, or luncheon!


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