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4 Creative Dates You Haven’t Thought Of!

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If you’re getting married soon, then you have probably thought of every date idea known to man- until today. With long relationships can come boredom. And while it can be nice to order takeout and watch Netflix until the sun comes up every once and a while, it should not become a habit. Canadian psychologists Cheryl Harasymchuk and Beverley Fehr, say that boredom can destroy a relationship. So, it is time to put down the takeout boxes and remotes and strap on your heels, because we have thought of four creative dates so you don’t have to.

A Museum Scavenger Hunt!

NYC Natural History MuseumImage: NYC Natural History Museum

A museum scavenger hunt makes for a wonderful date because not only is it cost friendly,  you get to expand your creativity and learn more about your partner’s imagination. The art serves as an amazing conversation starter. Because art often elicits different emotions, you and your partner can discuss each piece, which helps you both learn about each other’s psychologies- all while doing a fun scavenger hunt!


Find a cute bookstore and
pick out books for each other!

The Last Bookstore in Downtown Los AngelesImage – The Last Bookstore in Downtown Los Angeles

No, Barnes and Noble does not count. When we say cute- think about a tiny hole in the wall book shop that has dog-eared versions of the classics. When it comes to picking out the book, this will help develop an understanding about how well you know your significant other, and how well they know you. You get Bonus points if the bookstore has a coffee shop inside!

Build a blanket fort and sleep in it!

blanket fortImage – Romantic Revelry.tumbler

All you need for a wonderful date is a few chairs and blankets! We suggest white lights to add a little bit more ambiance. Build a cute blanket fort, throw some pillows and blankets inside, and bam! You’ll have romance in your living room. While you do this, try to leave cell phones, laptops, and electronics in general out of the fort, this is time for you and your partner to bond with each other. This would be even cuter if you took the time to bake cookies to share with your partner while camping out in utmost romance.

Hit up a food truck

food truck date

Let’s face it, we all have serious cravings for greasy, fried food at some point. There’s no better place to get this than a food truck! I particularly adore food trucks because first, you have to track them down. This will always take you on a fun adventure! And what better way to end an adventure than delicious food? We definitely suggest food truck hunting for a date idea. And if you and your partner are feeling super hungry, try food truck hopping!

So, before your big day, release a bit of stress with your partner by going on these fun adventures! They will spice up your relationship, and make for an amazing, stress-free wedding day!


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