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John Legend and Chrissy Teigen are by far one of our favorite celebrity couples, they are always cute and a little crazy! So when we stumbled across this we knew we had to share. As it turns out John Legend really wants to sing at your wedding! And to prove to you what a great event it would be he set up a charming wedding for their two dogs, Puddy and Pippa, to give you a taste of how amazing it would be if he sang on your big day.

The hilarious video shows Legend playing piano as he sings “All of Me,”  while he serenades his beloved bulldogs. From the cake cutting to the bouquet toss, and even an after-party photo booth, Legend celebrates with his newly-married pooches, all while performing the soulful ballad.

We love Chrissy reaction when she walks into the room and spots john on his hands and knees with the pooches! Only Chrissy would jump in on the fun that her little family is having by dropping the groceries and saying I’m going go and get a dress!

Although the video on its own is completely priceless the reason behind it is out of this world! To raise money to help Legend’s Show Me Campaign, which is a campaign which works to bring children across the country and world access to quality education, John has created this contest where the grand prize is once-in-a-lifetime performance. You have until April 16 to make a minimum $10 donation, which will give you 100 chances to win this private show.

You know you have always dreamed of it but get ready Beauties, cause having John Legend sing at your wedding just came one step closer to reality!

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