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Honeymoon Destination = Surprise!

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Personally, I have never been one for surprises. However, a recent article published on Harper’s Bazaar has caused me to rethink that. Serena Renner, an American journalist with a passion for travel, decided to do the unthinkable: she put her honeymoon in the hands of a close friend. “At first, we kind of went back and forth about whether we wanted to go on a honeymoon at all and where we would go,” she wrote, but her curiosity about the new surprise travel trend got the best of her.

Surprise Travel is when vacationers are whisked away to a mystery destination after they complete a survey and set their price point. The only thing that the vacationers know is the climate of their destination in order to pack. You wouldn’t want to bring your brand new cashmere sweater on a scuba diving expedition in Australia!

Putting a memory as crucial as your honeymoon in the hands of a friend or complete stranger can be totally nerve wracking, and possibly end in complete failure. You might expect the Hôtel Hermitage in Monte Carlo and get a sketchy hostel in the outskirts of Bangladesh, or the complete opposite could happen. Serena and her husband were flown to explore the bustling city of Singapore and it’s surrounding islands, one of which included Malaysia. Although at first a sense of disappointment haunted the couple, they kept their minds open, and were pleasantly surprised with the beauty that Singapore had to offer. “It turned out to be more of a Muslim/Middle Eastern part of town and there was a big, beautiful mosque on the road that we were staying on. We were very surprised, in a good way.” All the surprises, however, were not so delightful. “The second surprise came in a not so good fashion. It turns out that our travel agent booked us a higher-end hostel,” leaving the couple rather disappointed. However, that is the point in surprise travel, to be surprised. And that is exactly what this adventurous couple was!

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