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Customize Your Bridesmaids Dresses

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When girls get asked to be a bridesmaid in a wedding, the first feeling is that of excitement. “Yay! I get to be in a wedding!!!” Followed by the first little feeling of dread. “What hideous dress am I going to be asked to wear?!” Well…let me tell you…times are changing. We have passed the days of bridesmaids wearing long, all match-y dresses with hats! I’m here to tell you that there are lots of ways to make choosing your bridesmaids dress easier.

Let me start off by saying, that YOUR opinion, as the bride, is the most important!! If you ultimately choose something your bridesmaids don’t like or agree with…they should just deal with it! They are there to make YOU happy. Not the other way around! Also, communication with your bridesmaids is key! You don’t want your wedding to fall apart over a dress choice! Ask your girls for suggestions! Keep their tastes in mind when asking, but they might surprise you and come up with a really great suggestion!

Color? Style? Short? Long? Chiffon? Silk? Everyone Uniform?

There are so many things to think about! Lets break them down so it doesn’t seem so overwhelming!

Color & Style:

As a bride, your wedding colors should come first. Knowing those make the dress selection much easier. Your bridesmaid dress color should compliment the flowers she is carrying. The color doesn’t have to necessarily MATCH it, just compliment. There are several trends now of having the same color, but different shades for each bridesmaid or even having black dresses. You can also choose a color for your girls dresses and then let them choose a style that best fits their body type. Make sure you have parameters in mind if you give them this option!! They should be given a length, neckline suggestions, and a specific fabric to look for. Think about the flowers you will be having them carry! A bigger bouquet will look better with a less embellished bodice. Also, make sure everyone is in constant communication with each other! They should be able to ‘submit’ a dress choice and get feedback from you and the other bridesmaids. This also makes sure that 2 dresses don’t clash when next to each other!

Short v. Long:

After you the color for your dresses you can narrow your search further by choosing the length of the dress. The length generally depends on what your wedding theme will be.

A longer gown is more formal looking and would work well for a black tie wedding. Longer dresses can also be hot, so if your wedding is in the summer or outside consider a cocktail length instead. A shorter dress is better for casual or outdoor weddings. Flirty sundresses are great for beach weddings!

Helpful Hint: NEVER mix long and short dresses. The uniformity of one length is key! Consider having your bridesmaids alter the length of their dress to be the same as everyone else’s. Example: everyone’s hem should be right below the knee.


Choosing the fabric for your dresses is pretty simple. Think about the time of year your wedding will be and pick something appropriate for the weather. A light fabric for summer or heaver fabric for winter. Consider the comfort of your bridesmaids! If you are going to be outside in the summer, a long heavy dress will overheat them quickly!

Good luck on your dress hunting!


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