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Fun with Jello Shots!

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Hey Girls!


One of MY favorite things about bachelorette parties (besides celebrating the brides!) is the drinks! And when those drinks come in the form of jello shots? Best thing ever! So I found some really yummy recipes that I thought you might like to try at your next party!


For each of these variations you need:
1 cup boiling water

1/2 cup of vodka (see recipe for specifics)

1/2 cup flavored liquor (see recipe for specifics)

1 – 3 oz box flavored jello


Each 3oz box makes approx. 20 shots.


Lemon Shooter:

Lemon Jello

Lemon Vodka

Add Triple Sec for an extra kick!


Cherry Bomb

Cherry Jello


Red Bull

Try adding a maraschino cherry for extra flair!


Rum Runner:

Strawberry-Banana Jello

Light OR Dark Rum

Triple Sec



Gel overnight and they’re ready to serve up for your party! Have fun! ; )



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