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Supporting Cast Roles: For the Guys

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Ok guys. I’ve been talking to the bridesmaids, and listing everything they can do to help the bride out. Lets be honest. As guys, you’re not involved a whole lot in the planning of the wedding. But that doesn’t mean that as groomsmen, you don’t still have responsibilities! To make it easy on you, I’ve written out the most important things for you to remember!

  1. Help the best man: The groom is the one in charge, after that is the Best Man. Give him a hand. If he asks you to run to the store, or to get food..chip in! I know he’ll appreciate you for it!
  2. Cost: Like a bridesmaid, one of the things that comes with being part of the wedding party is having to foot the bill for some stuff. Mainly transportation, your tux rental, and a gift for the happy couple. If you live in town, this usually isn’t too terrible of a cost. If you live out of town, remember to work cost of travel into your budget!
  3. Attendance: Come to as many events as you can! Plan to be in town a few days before the wedding to help and be there for the bachelor party!
  4. Help Decorate: Some of your friends will be able to hire a decorator for the church or venue. But many will not. They will ask their friends and wedding party to pitch in. Who better to lift the heavy stuff and hang the high stuff then you strong guys?? Just be prepared to jump in when necessary!
  5. Knowledge: Knowledge is key. The best thing you can do as a groomsman is to help answer questions and direct people so that your groom can focus. That means that you should be able to answer those questions. Learn the time of the wedding, where people are supposed to sit, where the reception is, directions to the reception, where gifts go, what time things are supposed to start, etc.
  6. Participation: The average ratio of girls to guys at wedding receptions is around 3:1. One of your biggest responsibilities as groomsman is to dance. And by dance, I mean with other girls. There are lots of ways to be friendly to girls without them getting the wrong idea. But there’s nothing more frustrating then girls watching a non-participating group of guys at a wedding reception! Just have fun! Get out there and do the chicken dance, the electric slide and the macarena!
  7. Help Clean After: The Bride and Groom have left and the reception is winding down. I wish I could say everything is done. Unfortunately, its time to take off your jacket, roll up your sleeves and get to work again. Gifts need to be transported, food dispersed, favors dealt with, inebriated friends delivered to their room for the night, grandparents helped home, personal belongings back to those whom they belong too, and the reception area needs to be taken down. Not the most fun job on the planet, but hey. Somebody has to do it!
  8. Support the Groom: Your best friend wanted you with him to support him on his big day. Be the shoulder he can lean on. And don’t forget to compliment him on what a beautiful bride he has and how lucky he is to have her!

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