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Supporting Cast Roles: Part 2 Pre-Wedding

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Ok girls. Many of you bridesmaids may be wondering how they can be the most help to their brides. Here are some helpful tips for being the BBE (Best Bridesmaid Ever) BEFORE the wedding:

1)  Help Plan: When the MOH (Maid of Honor) comes to you and asks for help planning the bridal shower, or bachelorette shower, have some ideas ready! Don’t be upset if your ideas aren’t picked, but be willing to step in and run errands, pick up supplies, and attend the event. This takes some stress off the MOH and therefore the Bride. Also, your attendance means a lot. So try to be there for what events you can.

2)  Note Taking: At each event, be ready to write down what gifts come from which people. This is incredibly helpful when it comes to writing thank you notes, and with the MOH usually hostessing, this is a good way to step in and help!

3)  Errands: Volunteer to go run errands for the Bride! This can be as simple as picking up lunch, grabbing a relative from the airport or even just running to Walgreen’s for some last-minute make-up!

4)  Decorating: Some Brides hire a decorator, and others have their wedding party help! Just remember that it doesn’t have to be a boring tedious thing! A Bride can host a brunch and invite friends and relatives over to make all the decorations needed. Set up tables with different crafts and let people pick the craft their most comfortable with!  When you have 20 people crafting for 2 hours, you’d be amazed at how much can get done!

5)  Scout Locations: When a Bride doesn’t know where she wants her wedding and reception, a second set of eyes is helpful and makes the trip more fun! Just make sure you know what the Bride is looking for in a location so you can keep an eye out for certain features.

6)  Communication: One of the most key parts of being a good Bridesmaid is communication. Ask questions! Know what is going on and what the plan is going to be. Know dates and times so that you are a resource to other people.

7)  Be On Time: The last thing a Bride wants to worry about is if her wedding party is going to show up. Ease her mind and try to be on time as much as possible!

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