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Well Groomed is a place where the guys can come to just be guys! Here we will help you understand your bride, your role as the perfect groom and what makes you so very important to the brides big day.  Cause all us girls know that Cinderella would only be a girl with a kick ass pair of shoes if she didn’t have her Prince Charming.

This is where you will find the section that is for your other half from the guys in our world. Sometimes I feel really bad for our guys they are surrounded by bridal beauty all the time. That when I realized that I should at least let them relate you all of your guys cause your guys only have to live it for a year or 2 usually, ours have to live it 24/7.

Jeff is our resident editor he can edit photos better than almost anyone i know, but like all guys that’s not all he can do.. I found out recently that boy can write! There for he will be on here every week talking to all of you out there about what its like to have a fiance and a wife. He has a great one and a bunch of great kids!

We want this to be to the best place for all you grooms out there to find answers to all your burning questions from the best fashion tips for you and your groomsmen, to how to help relieve your bride to be’s stress and reduce the bridezilla in her, to how to plan the perfect surprise honeymoon. We will also have the perfect proposals every Monday morning  where you can see how other guys did it – for you guys that are almost grooms and the best SEX and relationship advise from both the guys and the girls perspective.

So don’t change that channel Well Groomed is where you want to be!

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