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For Guys Eyes Only: Taming the Shrew Part 1

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So men, (or ladies depending on how you roll!)  You have met the love of your life! You’ve gotten to know her, fallen in love and finally decided to ask the wonderful lady to marry you! If you are reading this article I’m going to hope she said yes! If you are like me I’m assuming that you don’t know a lot about wedding planning. It’s her job right? Unfortunately for you both, wedding planning is a very stressful job. So stressful for her in fact, that you need to take some extra time and relax her! Make her forget about all of the million things she has to do…really just lift her spirits up and remind her why she chose you in the first place and that it will all be worth it in the end!

So here I’m going to give a few options and some good ideas to help you out! This first one is a bit of an easy one. You don’t have to go expensive if you don’t want to; but if you can afford and choose to, go all out! One day when she’s doing her thing and planning away; stop her, tell her to go change, and tell her that you’re kidnapping her for a night of fun and she isn’t allowed to say no! Now the key to this is to already have something planned and not let her in on any of it! She is just going to have to trust you, where you, in turn, have to be confident!

Think of a fun date. Not a movie or dinner, but fun and different. Something a bit crazy, maybe a bit kid-ish. Something that you two would never do regularly but have always secretly wanted to! Examples: bowling, laser tag, go karting, ice skating, a concert for a favorite band, bungee jumping, snorkeling, something not of the usual per say; but very exciting and fun! The goal is to get her mind off the wedding for as long as possible!

Now, you have to make sure and plan ahead! Have what you would need ready, so when you tell her you are leaving, you are all ready to go! If you’re creative but don’t have much money you could even just have her go on a homemade scavenger hunt with some friends for a day. But when you tell to get ready, you need to be in charge yet excited yourself! Really remind her why she is marrying you in the first place!

Take her out for a day of fun; but it doesn’t stop there! After a fun day, top it off with a cherry! When the day’s activities are over, take her home and have a dinner plan ready! If you guys are tired after a long fun day, what better way to relax then a home cooked romantic meal. Now I know what you’re probably thinking… but I can’t cook… I don’t know how.. blah blah blah! I believe in you!! It doesn’t need to be a 5 course meal! Just something to eat cooked by you! There are thousands of easy recipes online to look up! Chicken and rice, spaghetti, or barbeque. If you know how to cook then maybe even test yourself to try something new! But just give her a romantic dinner cooked by your very own hands!

If you give her a romantic dinner and fun exciting day, I hope she will be a lot happier and less stressed over your big wedding! And a happier wife means a happier house! This is just part 1 make sure to check in later for some other great stress relieving ideas for your wonderful fiancé!!!

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