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For Guys Eyes Only: Taming the Shrew Part 2

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Ok guys, so for a little recap, this series is about getting your soon to be wife away from all the nasty, horrible stress of wedding planning! If you haven’t read it yet, I would very much suggest going and checking out part 1 of this series.

Last time you took her out for a wonderful day of fun! It was exciting, new, and fun. This time though we are going to keep her in all day. Now this is going to be an all-day affair so prepare to have a day off work, and no other plans. If you can’t do all day; then I would suggest just a morning together. First things first, you need the girl. If she lives with you then you don’t have to worry about it as much. But, if not then make sure you go pick her up in the morning and tell her to bring pajamas and favorite pillow and blanket! As a good measure, it might be smart to wake her up yourself by being at her house already so she will be with you all day.

Once you’ve picked her up take her immediately back to your place for a quiet and calm day together. When you get home confiscate her phone/iPod/laptop or any other device of distraction. You aren’t allowed to confiscate just hers. Show her that you as well are putting away your devices for a day of only you two and tell her that today she is your only focus. Now if it is still morning then the next step is to have a breakfast together, or another meal if it is later in the day. Listen to the radio or your own playlist while you guys eat and just enjoy yourselves. If you want to make a bigger meal then afterwards clean up together and play around a little bit! Splash her with the sink water or slap her rump as she walks by, maybe even tickle her if you know the right spots!

Once breakfast is over and you’ve gotten your laugh on. Pick her up and take her to the couch or bed and plop her down playfully. If you can pick her up then pushing or pulling her there will have the same effect! Hop down with her and give her a big romantic kiss, tell her that you love her and that you are the happiest man alive just to be with her! Now the goal of the day is to just lay in bed together and enjoy each other. I would suggest finding a TV show to watch or a few favorite movies, maybe even an audiobook to listen to. Spend the day watching away and just being close. Snuggling and kissing is encouraged! And men it’s all about her, but if she is feelings it; then show her the time of HER life! Even the sex is about her! Shoulder and foot massages are good ideas as well to relax her. I would suggest buying some candles or only having lamps on for a cozy lazy atmosphere. If you’re lucky to be doing it during a cold winter day and you have to ability, then a fire is a must!

For lunch and dinner, I suggest keeping it easy and making sure to stay at home! If you want to order in from a favorite restaurant or prepare something yourself have the materials ready! Keep your day fun and enjoyable. If you both get tired and a little stir crazy, take a walk, go to a small park, bring a camera and enjoy yourselves!

Now the icing on the cake will be the end of the night! When you take her home and you say goodbye, draw it out. Hold her and tell her you don’t want to let her go. Kissing her deeply and long hugs are good. Keep her as long as you can before having to say goodbye, and make sure that the last words you say is that you love her! Once again remind her why she is marrying you! Make her feel like a queen and you are her loving king!

I know you guys have it in you to make it the best day ever for her! If you want to share any stories or have any questions, feel free to contact me at clint@bridalbeautymag.com make sure to check in next week for more ideas on calming the crazy bridezilla!


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