Well Groomed

Rules of the Big Day – From the Guys!

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Organized chaos – Check
People running late – Check

All Bachelor Party Pics Deleted – umm well we hope so…
at least the video got erased right…Right??

What is this text check out Youtube – Awesome night …..oh no!

You have officially entered Well Groomed!

The groom is just as stressed out as the bride, his mind is racing and he wants to help out but he just doesn’t know how. He wants the wedding to go smoothly, his bride to be not frantic aka bridezilla. The groomsmen to behave also to be sober and the bridesmaids to stop staying who’s this and who’s that and how so and so’s wedding was better. So whats a groom to do.

First back your bride 150% on whatever she is doing, you are her cheerleader now and forever. Your opinion is important to her, and she will listen just remember that it is her day.

Second get her to give you a to do list. This will release her from some of her stress, it reassures her that you are team now and that you as are interested in planning the wedding as you are about the wedding night. Just make sure you do it, cause if you don’t it will be instant bridezilla…just saying.

Third and most important on the day of leave personal notes or cards telling  her how much you love her, and that she is your best friend, lover, cheerleader, confidante, wife, and one day the mother of your children. Yes, kids will play a role in your marriage at some point.

Yes as the groom you are just as stressed out as the bride because you want to be there for her and comfort her through the stress of the day. Keep in mind all that chaos and stress, will disappear when you see her for the first time standing there at the end of the isle in all her radiant beauty and you in your pimped out tux.

Last thing… stay calm, have strong shoulders, and don’t flinch!


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