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Well Groomed: Accessories!

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Feeling stuffy in that tux? Good. That stuffy feeling means that the tux is on correctly. Buck up, Bucko! You look amazing! Or wait, you mean something’s missing? Just can’t put your finger on it? Yeah, I think I know what it is…

A groom’s accessories personalize his overall look. It’s likely that besides feeling stuffy, you also feel naked. I can help you with that. Accessories can reflect your personality with unique cufflinks, watches and boutonnières, but not all accessories can be customized.

Suppose that I should cover my bases by explaining what an accessory is. If the shirt, slacks and underwear are considered primary then everything else is secondary. Accessories are secondary – the utility belt to your Batman, the Sam to your Frodo, the toilet to your morning hangover. They are meant to accent, adorn, decorate and personalize.

Like the bumper sticker on the back of your car that says “My other ride is my fiancée,” you wear accessories at your wedding to personalize your look. Amazingly, cufflinks can be etched with the Superman symbol. Not a fan of flowers? Boutonnière can also consist of shells, buttons or whatever your interest or inspiration takes you.

Yes, our shoes, tie, vest and jacket may also be considered accessories but you have less flexibility here. These accessories are more prominent. If customized wrong, they could clash with the color of the entire wedding, and I don’t trust many men’s colorblindness to let them choose their own colors. Ask one of your fashion conscious friends for opinions on your choices.

Remember, this is your wedding, too. You should feel good knowing that you’re representing your side of the union proudly. Just try not to go overboard. Listen, 15 pieces of flair on your suspenders may be the bare minimum at Shenanigans but taking a man’s red stapler could drive a man to go psycho. Moral of the story is that I don’t ALWAYS have to make sense.

I'm curious, opinionated and only sometimes right. Even with a 50/50 chance, you're still better off taking my advice :)

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