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Well Groomed: Bow Ties are Back!!

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In case you missed it and I don’t know how you could but Bow ties are back!! Those little bows that sit unassumingly under your chin that as we were growing up with always in place in the nerdy history teacher or crazy scientist in stereotypical movies are now a must have fashion accessory who wants to stay ontop of the fashion trends!

With big name stars such as Kanye West, David Beckham and Will.I.Am rocking this trend over the last you know that the bow tie is not just for geeks and nerds anymore.

Where did bow ties originate, who used to wear them and why? What trends will bow ties follow into tomorrow? I used to think they were just used to draw attention away from men’s Adam’s Apples. During the 17th century Prussian wars, Croatian mercenaries wore a scarf around the neck to hold the opening of their shirts together. Funny enough, the French thought this scarf thing was HAWT so rich people began running around town thinking they were being fashionable. People of certain professions wanted to wear formal clothes to work but found that neck ties got in the way. A waiter would get annoyed by neck ties dipping into the soup they were about to serve. A pediatrician likes how bow ties are harder for child clients to grab and pull. An architect on building site would rather not be accidentally hung by a neck tie that got stuck on a lift. Although the necktie reigns supreme in many formal situations, the bow tie is still holding on by a thread (sorry, was that pun too much?). Actually the popularity of bow ties has grown by leaps and bounds over the last year and with the change from brown and boring to colorful and fun bow ties can be a custom way to include color and personality into your big day.

The bow ties are even making a comeback with less formal events such as dinners (w/dinner jacket), cocktail parties and nights out at the club (ok that last one might just be me). When one has to attend a “Black Tie Affair” it is not ok to just to be “… black and wearing a tie” (only a few of you are going to catch that movie reference). Black tie affairs actually require a black bow tie. I’m sure that Dr. Who, Colonel Sanders and Mr. Monopoly would have no problem getting in to such an event.

In short, weddings remain the most well-known traditional formal event for bow ties. Some trends may deviate from tradition now and then, but nothing beats a nerdy classic. Take it from a celebrities around the world bow ties are on trend right now!

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