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Well Groomed in your E-Session!

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I have to admit, when I first heard the words “E Session,” I was confused. I thought of “E-mail” like “Electronic Session” where a couple in long-distance relationship video-called each other over Skype and visually “helped” each other out. Turns out, “E Session” is an Engagement Session photo shoot… Well it’s still visually pleasing, just not in the same way I originally imagined.

In an Engagement Session, you and your bride are tastefully romantically photographed as a way to record your love. This is different from the camera phone pictures you take of each other and VERY different from the “love recording” you may do in the bedroom. Hiring a professional photographer ensures creative, quality pictures. These pictures can be used to personalize and decorate your wedding invitations. As an added bonus, I’ll even tell you how to dress and prepare for it.

A professional photographer gets to know you and your fiancée in an Engagement Session so he can do a better job at your wedding. He sees how you guys operate, your chemistry, your dynamic. You both also should get to know the photographer. Certainly would help to know who the guy is that’s going to be creeping around your wedding with a camera.

After the Engagement Session, the amazing pictures will serve as more than just mere Facebook posts. You’ll want to put them in your wedding invitations, print and frame them as “before” pictures to reference when you think your fiancée is gaining weight, and even use them in your wedding announcement in the local newspaper.

Since most of you are pretty clueless, here are some guidelines on how to dress at an Engagement Session. Coordinate with your fiancée about the colors and theme. Figure out together whether you want to dress casual or formal. Casual doesn’t mean holy jeans and ball cap. Casual is more like clean jeans, a nice button up shirt and trusting that the photographer knows a flattering angle for your balding spot. Formal wear is a slight upgrade to slacks, a button up shirt and tie. Oh yeah, one other thing – wear an undershirt. An undershirt will be able to catch your perspiration like a champ.

Hopefully, you and your fiancée have something in common that you can show off in a photo shoot. Let’s say you are both nerds that like Lord of the Rings: cosplay it up! I bet role-playing in front of a camera might spice things up in the sack later on *wink, wink*. Both play an instrument? Bring them along and play love songs to each other. Trust me about the picture, you may not be able to hear anything but others will be able to see your passion for music and love for each other in the fun you have while taking the photos.

In conclusion, I don’t really care how much you hate having pictures taken of you. This is bigger than your irrational fear of the government and “being on the grid.” Put that aside to get a few hours of feeling like a celebrity chased by paparazzi. Honestly, professional pictures are very flattering and boost your ego. You’ll be surprised at how good you look. Or come to think, maybe you looking good is just an illusion created by your eye-candy fiancée next to you.

I'm curious, opinionated and only sometimes right. Even with a 50/50 chance, you're still better off taking my advice :)

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