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6 Things That Every Couple Should Know!

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So everyone knows that at this time you are blissfully happy and that you are so ready to marry the man of your dreams. The stress of a wedding and the amount of time it takes away from your “real life” can sometimes be daunting, so us married girls have come up with the 6 things that we think really can make your relationships last for the long haul!

1.  Be Present

Nothing in the world should be more important than making time to spend with your other half. Right now locations, invitations, bridesmaids, dresses and everything else seems so very important, however you need to take a step back and remember that without your other half you would be doing any of this wedding planning.

Make sure that you set aside special time that is just for the 2 of you no wedding talk just time to make sure he still feels like he is the center of your universe and not part of a three ring circus! Connecting with you hubby to be at least once a week for a couple of hours will strengthen your relationship and remind you and him why you are going though all these crazy wedding plans.

2. Don’t Forget who you are

You were a real person not just a bride-to-be at one point in life and you will go back to being a real person again after the weddings… don’t forget that. Make sure that you keep doing the things that are important to you, your favorite hobbies help relieve stress not just for you but for your relationship as a whole. If you reconnect with your passion your relationship will be more passionate as a result.

3. It’s the Little Things that Count

Big grand gestures are amazing and let’s be honest, you got the ring and that is just about the biggest gesture there is. When it comes to guys you really need to take the time to appreciate the little things that he does for you because in the long run they are the things that matter most in your life. Small things like getting your oil changed or noticing your new hair cut are ways that your other half expresses his love for you and let you know he notices you and pays attention to what is going on with you.

In the same token when you do the little things to help or compliment him you will be making a difference in his life to. Remember that sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest impact.

4. Everyone Fights Sometimes

Its ok to fight everyone does it, but it is how you fight that will make or break your relationship. Couples who say that they never fight are generally not expressing their needs and desires to their other halfs, cause I don’t know about you but there are days when my husband makes me crazy! But when you fight make sure that you do it with kid gloves on you might get mad get made you are allowed to yell at each other and express our self but make sure you don’t hit out of bounds. Bringing up old stuff and calling name just detracts from the real issue.

5. Keep expectations realistic

You and you husband to be will fall in and out of love together many time throughout your relationship the trick is to never do it at the same time.

My husband always says “Keep your expectations low, and your hopes high” and I have to admit and there are defiantly days I don’t live up to his hopes but I always meet at least his expectations. I am busy and sometimes I break the number one tip here, but my husband is understanding and his expectations are ones that I can easily meet, kiss him goodnight every night and tell him I love him no matter what, those are the things that mean the most to him.

You need to figure out what your expectations are and to communicate with your other half about what you need and want out of your relationship. But remember to keep you expectations Low, and your hopes high cause you never know what his day will be like.

6. Nothing in the world compares to their love

As people we have a tendency to “keep up with the Jones” and we compare our life and relationship against the people who are around us. When it comes to other peoples relationships remember you aren’t in their house every day and you don’t see what’s going, they may put on a great show on the outside but on the inside their relationship maybe something very different. Have faith in your relationship and know that your love for your man and his love for you is the best thing on this planet, there is nothing better than that.

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