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Welcome to Bridal Beauty Magazine

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Life is journey, that’s what everyone says right. You are getting married; this is the start of an amazing journey where you will join your life forever with the man you love, the man of your dreams.

Welcome to Bridal Beauty Magazine, this is the place where you can come and check out all of the latest trends and even the classics when it comes to the beauty behind the bride. The perfect hair, the best makeup and skincare tips, the latest fashions for you, your guy and you’re best girls will all be found here. As well as our favorite tips on getting steamy in the bedroom and how to plan the perfect date night to forget all the stress of planning a wedding.

Every week my team will bring you tips, tricks, sparkle and shine to make sure you look great not only your big day but also for your bachelorette party,  bridal luncheon, engagement shoot, and any other things that might come up in planning the next section of your life.

My name is Amanda Laurence and I am the Editor in Chief here at Bridal Beauty Magazine. I would like to introduce you to the amazing women who I can say I am lucky to call some of my very best friends and together we want to help you shine on your big day.

Joy is our Jewelry Guru, she knows a diamond from a mile away the 4 C’s have been her blood since birth and she is our true southern belle. Her jewelry collection could give Harry Winston a run for his money. She will be covering everything from new trends in jewelry to how to find those perfect celebrity earrings, to how to pull together your sparkly accessories for the big day.

Niki is our Resident Shoe Girl. She loves all things shoes!!! From flats to heels to Sky-high Platforms she loves and wears them all. She has over 300 pair in her closet and it drives her husband nuts! (hehe). Every week she will bring you something special from 5 shoes under $50 to her fave new shoes that week and how you can bring a bit of unexpected to your big day in a fun way.

Susie is our Makeup girl gone mad!! A true believer in art and color combos, she shows me every day just how a little change in her makeup can make a dramatic difference! Every week she will be bringing you a new tips, tricks or how-tos to enhance your beauty on the big day.

Meg is our Art Girl she is the reason half the stuff you will find on this blog looks so good! She will be coming to you with regular post for our bridesmaids in her area of the blog dedicated to your supporting cast (aka bridesmaids and groomsmen).

Jeff is our guy’s guy and he and my hubby Jon will be posting regularly for the guys from the guy perspective on all things for the Groom in your life.

As for me I am a lover of all things and you will be seeing me every day, because this blog has become a new start for me and a new journey in my life. I feel privileged to be able to be on your journey with you as you get ready for one of the most unforgettable days of your life.

So come back soon we will be posting new and exciting thing all the time!

All my love,


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