Bridal Boudoir Beauty: Jackie Goes from Sweet to Sexy!

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There is nothing that is sexier than black and white, especially when it comes to this bridal boudoir beauty; Ms. Jackie’s beautiful shoot by Earthmuse Photography. The warm, neutral tones of the setting highlight Jackie’s natural goddess like glow in a beautiful way. From the wardrobe, shades of black emit a darker, more mischievous attitude whereas white brings out the innocence and purity of the model herself. Jackie’s soft and bouncy curls alongside her smoky eye look compliment the style of lingerie that she opted for all while emphasizing the idea of innocence versus naughtiness. The glossy nude lip creates an equilibrium with the smoky eye so that the natural vibe of the shoot is not disrupted. When it came to picking accessories, Jackie went for a simple pair of golden hoop earrings that created clean lines which accentuates each and every look without distracting from the model. Our favorite look is the black lace corset because it gives us toned down pin up vibes while maintaining an air of classic elegance. Overall, this breathtaking boudoir session is among one of our favorites. We love the how the color palette and lingerie selection shows Jackie’s sweet personality!

Magic Makers:

Photographer:  Earthmuse Photography

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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