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Brittany & Michael’s Mountain Top Engagement

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Talk about a dynamic engagement shoot, and on top of a mountain no less! From the energy and vision of Gabriel Gastelum Photography to Brittany and Michael’s award winning smiles, this engagement photo session is captivating. This joyous couples created a breathtaking mountain top engagement and continued to steal out breath with stunning red dresses and strapping suspenders. Brittany and Michael know how to show off both their glamorous sides and their casual playfulness, complete with their adorable puppies.

Thank you, Gabriel Gastelum Photography  for capturing the thrill and love on this mountain top. Best of luck Brittany and Michael!

Mountain Top Engagement

From Gabriel Gastelum Photography:

I don’t even know where to start.Sometimes you have a vision. You have a goal. You have a photo in your mind. But to be honest, most of the time I don’t. I go with the flow. I capture the moment. Sure you can do set ups, have a vision board, and have a plan, and don’t get me wrong, sometimes this helps for sure.You see something in your head. You want to create that vision, but sometimes the vision doesn’t translate into reality.

I’ve learned that an important part of doing my best to make each shoot different, and to focus on capturing moments, is that reality is often better than the vision. Especially when it comes to photographing my couples. So it is the main reason I don’t plan too much. I want to capture the couple. I want to capture their love for each other. That isn’t something you can plan or set up. Everyone is different.

So now that I’ve said that. Let’s talk about this engagement session. One of the most incredible engagement sessions I’ve ever had the chance to shoot. I didn’t know the locations. I didn’t know the outfits.“you know me,” I said “Let’s just go with the flow”. And we did. It was SO FREAKING INCREDIBLE. The whole shoot, was just so dreamy. It literally looks like a dream. That dress. Oh god that dress.I can’t thank Brittany and Mike enough for this engagement shoot. They are such an incredible pair. You just FEEL their synergy. Their love. It is truly amazing. I can’t wait for their wedding next year.So here it is. An engagement of epic proportions. A red dress. A huge mountain. A beautiful couple…Magic

Magic Makers:

Photographer: Gabriel Gastelum Photography

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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