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Angela & Joseph’s Park and Beach Engagement

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There’s nothing quite as satisfying as a romantic day at the beach, except of course, romantic beach engagement photos! Throw in a lush, green park and a charming couple like Angela and Joseph and we’re sold. They danced in the park, kissed at the beach, and reminded us just how fulfilling love can be.  Angela shows off her style in a casual yet chic day time ensemble and later a fun and flirty blue dress, while her fiancé, Joseph keeps a clean and confident look in his classic button-down shirts.

While a park and a beach might seem simple, this couple illustrates just how romantic these places can be.  Thank you Joseph Delgado Photography for capturing this love!

From The Bride-to-be:

How we met:

Joe and I met at work for an Investment Manager right after we graduated college (Prudential Financial in Newark- who knew Newark was romantic?) We worked in separate groups, but he worked directly with a guy I went to University of Delaware with. One day the mutual friend asked me to join them for lunch, and Joe and I hit it off. I don’t think I stopped laughing for the entire hour. After lunch our mutual friend told me “I give you guys 3 months until you’re a couple”… needless to say, we didn’t even make it to the 3 month marker!

How he proposed:

Let’s preface this with how Joe originally asked Angela out… Before watching fireworks in Red Bank, NJ, Joe and Angela went to dinner at The Downtown. After dinner, the bill came and Joe mentioned something about the waitress and a comment on the bill. Angela of course, decided that she NEEDED to see this so-called-comment-from-the-waitress, reached over the table to grab the bill, only to see that it was really a piece of paper asking Angela to officially be his girlfriend.

Lets ALSO preface this with- Ang is a super duper totally over the top planner that feels the need to ask a lot of questions…. about EVERYTHING!! So needless to say, surprising her with one of life’s biggest questions wasn’t going to be easy. However, Joe was able to pull it off flawlessly.

On October 12th, he tricked her into thinking that the nights plans had foiled, leaving her dressed up nicely and hungry! After an absolutely delicious meal at Brandl Restaurant in Belmar, NJ, wine, and the most grandiose chocolate dessert known to man, he got the bill for dinner. After commenting about the bill (knowing Angela’s prior history) she grabbed the bill from his hand to check it out her self.. she was stunned to see the “bill” was really “Will you marry me?” handwritten on paper inside the checkbook. After a few choice exclamations, she said YES!!

As for my outfits: Jeans are from Express, Peplum tanktop from Express, and shoes are Steven Madden. The dress is Bar iii, and those shoes are Steven by Steve Madden.

Magic Makers:

Photographer:  Joseph Delgado Photography

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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