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Jessica & Jose’s Sunny LA Engagement!

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LA is known for its sun, sophistication, and dreams come true. Similarly, the charming couple Jessica and Jose are all about sun, sophistication, and dreams coming true. This newly engaged couple look like they’re living their dream with LA moments that look straight out of a Hollywood romantic comedy. We’re blown away by the charm between Jessica and Jose from their cute park cuddling, to their passionate embraces during their sunny LA engagement session.

We’re even more blown away with their sense of style. Jessica is always at the peak of poise and sophistication with her polished outfits. Even going casual at the park, this girl rocks her poised look and natural charm. Jose’s style isn’t far beyond as he pairs classic colors and cuts to create many dashing looks.

This couple lets the sun shine through in every shot and it almost compares to their lovely smiles. They’ve truly embraced LA in all its sunshine and movie worthy moments. With their style already soaring at their engagement session, we know that Jessica and Jose will have a sophisticated and amazing wedding and life in store for them. Here’s to you Jessica and Jose!

Thank you, Olli Studio Photography for capturing this sunny LA engagement filled with laughter, sweet moments, and absolute style.

From Olli Studio:

There’s not a doubt in my mind that Jose & Jessica are the real deal. They’ve got a love that beams through every single photo we snapped in their stunning engagement session. Jessica’s blue-grey braces dress totally went with the grayness of Walt Disney Concert Hall. Their joyous laughters, endless embrace, and holding hands were all mirrored on the surfaces of those steel buildings. Yes, what we saw was passionate love reflected, carved, and stayed for good.



Magic Makers:

Photographer: Olli Studio | Reception Venue: Walt Disney Concert Hall

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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