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Nicole & Michael’s Turnip Seed Nursery Engagement!

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When you work of the most high stress jobs in the world having a soft place to land is one of the most important things in the world and for Nicole and Michael having a shared love of that job just means they love and understand each other that much more! They met in passing as one firefighting shift ended and the next one began, for him it was love at first sight. When the time came to popping the question and hiring a photographer to capture all of their happiness they contacted super talented  Keisha Robertson Photography and create a beautiful nursery engagement.

Nursery Engagement

From Keisha Robertson Photography:

Michael and Nicole are both firefighters that work part time at a certain department on their “off” days. Mike was walking into his shift as Nicole was walking out. He couldn’t get her off his mind. During the shift Mike started talking to some of the other guys that knew Nicole and had asked that they put in a good word for Mike. It obviously worked! Mike and Nicole are both so laid back about life. They have the best sense of humor. I don’t know if it is because of the territory that comes along with their type of job that neither of them take life for granted pushing them to live it to the fullest. Mike and Nicole wanted something that screamed “spring” for their engagement session so we picked a small nursery with THE most amazing scenery. We did fun, serious, and a little silly throughout their session. At the end of the session they both surprised me with some BIG news-they are also expecting their first baby. Of course I added in a few announcement shots to go along with their engagement session.

We love the little treat that Nicole and Michael surprised Keisha with at their nursery engagement session, as it turns out this little family will need a nursery of a different type by the end of the year!! Congratulations to the happy couple and many happy blessing for the future!


Magic Makers:

Photographer: Keisha Robertson Photography

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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