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Maria & Giovanni’s Elegant Sardinia Wedding

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If ever there was a wedding to make us dream of an Italian getaway, it would be this one. Maria and Giovanni’s elegant and timeless Sardinia wedding is rich in culture, rooted in traditions, and is no short of a breathtaking atmosphere.

From ancient traditions to contemporary ones, a Sardinia wedding calls for huge celebration with family and friends. Sardinians believe that weddings happen once in a lifetime. And so it’s important to make the couple’s day as memorable and special as possible. There are tons of wedding traditions rooted in Sardinian culture and many of them include costumes and traditional dress. In some cases instead of rings, custom call for the bride and groom to put a chain on their fingers which links the couple together and symbolizes their new bond.

A celebration to share with the whole family, Maria and Giovanni seemed to have incorporated some traditional Sardinian customs and made it their own. Plates were broken and rose petals were thrown for best wishes and a happy marriage for the couple.

The talented Valeria Mameli captured some stunning moments from Maria and Giovanni’s picturesque Sardinia wedding. Check out our favourites below. Sending our congratulations to the beautiful couple!

Sardinia Wedding

From Valeria Mameli:

Destination wedding Sardinia, I liked the elegance and the strong presence of Sardinia as landscape and details of the restaurant.You see a typical Sardinian choir in church, dressed in Sardinian suits also he sang in Sardinian.The launch of the dish that you are broke and strangely shown in the photo.

Sardinia Wedding

Sardinia Wedding

Sardinia Wedding

Sardinia Wedding

Magic Makers:

Photographer: Valeria Mameli | Restaurant: Incantu

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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