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Soldier’s Surprise Proposal: “My Last Letter”

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I came across this amazing proposal, to hear the love and the plans that one man has for one amazing girl was outstanding to see and hear all about. Andrew is a talented author and dancer, and while we was deployed to Afghanistan he came up with the perfect way to propose to the love of his life the mother to his pup and the future mother to his children Christina. Check out what he had to say about the big day and read along to the words below that are from his beautiful proposal.

From Andrew:

Christina and I met at a community dance workshop two years and a half years ago. Shortly after being reunited a year later, I was stationed at Fort Bliss, Texas. Christina moved to be with me on a leap of faith, and it’s been one of the happiest times of my life. Within a year of her moving in, I left for a deployment to Afghanistan. It was the test of a lifetime, but I thank her for being the rock in our relationship. No matter where we are in the world, the DC, Maryland, Virginia (DMV) area holds a special place in our hearts. We grew up there, the community brought us together, and it has supported our relationship unconditionally.

On October 18th, 2013, the dance community gathered for the Culture Shock International Choreographer’s Showcase in Washington D.C. It was the perfect opportunity where all of our friends and family would be in one place. Thank you to Culture Shock, D.C. and Kimberley Arteche for inviting me to perform at the pre-show event. It was an unforgettable moment for us, and it’s only fitting that we were able to share it with the community that brought us together.

Pleasantly Surprise,
Christina and Andrew



To my future son,
I will breath life into you.  So I’m just trying to catch my breath anytime I chase you around the house in diapers, giggling, hiding behind innocent eyes. I cannot wait to meet you.   We will play peek a boo every day just so that at a young age you will be trained and conditioned to know that I will always be there when you need me the most. And one day, I hope not too soon, I hope you still look up to me when you realize I’m not superman. ‘Cause I dont need a mask.  I don’t need a cape.  And I sure as hell don’t need to be wearing tights for you to realize that I, as your father, will move mountains to let my son/sun shine.  You come from a long line of warriors, soldiers, three generations who have washed their hands in blood, sweat, and tears just to make you…the first pure thing in our family.  I will teach you how to tie a tie, how to ride a bike, I will teach you how to protect and provide so that if ever given the opportunity to choose between being a lover and a fighter, you will choose love everyday of the week and twice on Tuesdays.  Because you need passion to fight for what you love.  Otherwise, what are you fighting for?  Your last name holds weight.  And you will learn that the pathway to manhood is never thru a vagina, but starts with respecting your mother.  And if nothing else, remember this – I will always be proud of you.

To my future daughter,
If sugar, spice, and everything nice are what little girls are made of, then Lord have mercy on the first boy you bring home who wants a taste.  I’m not saying I won’t trust you.  But please believe I have spent the last 25 years of my life trying to be a man worthy enough to be called your father.  If you are anything like your mother, you’ll dance gracefully on the line between true beauty and intelligence.  Never arrogant, but confident.  Walk around with your chin high enough to break those glass ceilings.  Daddy loves you.  I can’t wait to play tea time.  We can even play dress up, just take it easy on the make up. I don’t want you to cover up your best features.  You see, some girls wear skirts so short they hang out in all the wrong places like the bad parts of town past midnight.  They think that wearing high heels will keep their head in the clouds.  But we all know that unlike dance, there is no point(e) in trying to stay grounded with just your toes.  At night, I will read you bed time stories from the dictionary just so you never think that you need a man to define you.  If you ever doubt how beautiful and amazing you are, just remember that God made you in Her likeness, and that there will always be at least ONE MAN who loves you

To my future wife,

The first time that I told you that I loved you…you were asleep  I didn’t want to wake you, or maybe it was the fact that we had only been together for two weeks.  So I waited.  And as you inhaled I breathed my words into your lungs hoping they would expand so much they’d find a way to touch your heart.  I asked you out 142 times.  Each time you said no.  On the 143rd time I asked you out on paper.  “Will you be my girlfriend?” check box – yes, yes, or hell yes.  You just said yes.  But it was then I realized that our love can never be contained inside of a box.  No matter how you frame the question, if you ask me what my future wife looks like, before Photoshop you are already picture perfect.  Our love is reckless.  Our love is rebellious.  Our love breaks all the rules of the space time continuum.  I’m telling you, long distance allows me to shoot cupids arrow 2 hours into the future.  Switch places, and If I could go back in time I wouldn’t change a thing about you.  I want us to be together before God like my hands during prayer.  And I couldn’t sing to save my life, but for you I would try.  I will belt out the lyrics to your favorite song until I lose my voice.  And then, I will lip sync the lyrics as we sway back and forth in the darkness of our kitchen.  I love you so much I want to tattoo our names on every tree that I walk by.  I know some of these lines sound familiar.  But when you realize that you have inspired every word that I have ever written, it makes sense that this poem is the culmination of this chapter of our lives.

Andrew: *I need you to help me…I’m too nervous*

I never want to stop flirting with you
I want to grow old and grey, and be that old couple in the park holding hands
I love you so much I’ll do the dishes
I love you so much I’ll share my bacon
And Beyonce once told me if you like it you should put a ring on it…
…so turn the page…

ANDREW TON, will you marry me?


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And Check out his proposal and other videos here on his YouTube Chanel :

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