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Keara & Aaron’s Mountain Top Proposal!

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Keara and Aaron’s mountain top proposal is one for the books. What was believed to be a planned photoshoot actually turned out to be a breathtaking proposal complete with a fresh manicure, flowing red dress, prince charming and all.

Although set amoungst a romantic backdrop of stunning snowy mountains, Keara and Aaron are not upstaged by their scenery. Keara’s bold red dress stands in contrast to the white of the snow so eyes naturally gravitate towards her in every shot. The sun shines spectacularly on this beautiful couple and even manages to sneak into a couple of photos, adding to the warmth of each embrace. With no one else around for miles, the engagement is private and intimate, allowing the couple to really enjoy their big moment together.

The couple’s love and adoration for one another is so evident through these photos, it practically jumps off the screen. Aaron looks completely captivated by Keara in each photo and you can really feel how much these two care for each other. To capture the raw and pure emotion of a proposal is a gift and Amy Bluster Photography does it perfectly. Here are some of the stunning photos from the mountain top proposal.

From Amy Bluestar Photography:

I had the pleasure of setting up a styled shoot for two of my dear friends. During the planning stages Aaron contacted me about proposing to her during the shoot, needless to say I was thrilled! He paid for her to get her nails done, and I had an amazing red dress to use for the shoot and just like that it all came together. It was beautiful to watch two of my friends get engaged with no one else around for miles.

Magic Makers:

Photographer: Amy Bluestar Photography

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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