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Surprise Saturday: A Double Proposal!

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A mom, a daughter, and the man of any girls dreams make up this beautiful and romantic proposal. From the gondola ride to their entire families holding the “Will you marry me sign Derrick definatly hit this one out of the park! The best part he didn’t just make a promise to love and marry Jackie but also to love and protect her daughter forever! Find out more about the planing of the perfect engagement and they way Derrick and Jackie fell in love below the video!

How did you meet?

It was my first day at a new job and I was in the break room when she walked in. At that moment I wanted to know who this beautiful girl was cause for some reason I could stop looking at her. Finally mustard up the courage to talk to her and we talked for a bit and that’s how it all started. After a few month I was finally introduced to her daughter and that’s when we all started hanging out as a family.

When did you knew you were in love?

We became good friends talking on the phone everyday then eventually we started falling in love with each other. We started hanging out more and I started to watch over her lovely daughter who now I consider my own. So in the end I’m going to marry my best friend and have the daughter I’ve always wanted.

How did you go about planning the engagement?

I wanted to make the engagement special and still have it be a surprise. I know that family is a big part of her life so I wanted all of them to be apart of it. So going about on the planning I was thinking about many different scenarios. Then the idea of proposing on a gondola ride came up, but then there was the problem of how I would be able to have her family and friends involved. So I scoped out the place and looked at the routes that we can possibly go and there was a perfect bridge that I would be able to have all of her family and friends there holding a banner asking her to marry me. The original plan was for her to read a letter first while the gondola turned around but she turned around early. But it still turned out pretty well. I also included a part where I promised her daughter that I would care for her, love her, be there for her, and just asking her if I could be her dad. I feel that me and her daughter love each other and her daughter shouldn’t be left out of this joyous occasion for she is a big part of our lives. I really wanted her daughter to know that she is important to me and needed to know that I’m not only asking for her mom to spend her life with me, but for all of us to spend our lives together.

How did you feel when she said yes?

The feeling I got when they said yes was awesome. Honestly, anyone who proposes should know that it’s a 99.9% chance that she is going to say yes, but it’s more the look that they gave me and the tears of joy that they showed is what made my body weak and full of excitement. Finally, at that moment that I proposed to them is when I fully expressed the undying love that I have for them, the love that I could not even put into words, but was able to capture everything I felt for them in that proposal.

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