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Surprise Saturday: A Helicopter Proposal

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When someone says the words “relationship goals”, a couple is bound to appear in your head. For me, that is definitely Scott and Carmen. This super cute helicopter proposal left me having to pick up my jaw from off of the ground and wipe tears from my face (the result of me ugly sobbing over this perfect proposal). So, are you ready to be wowed?

So, the surprise begins when Scott tricks Carmen into thinking that he is flying to Korea to work with a K-Pop group. She drops him off at the airport and continues on with her day that includes modeling for a video shoot for Sky Helicopters, but Scott planned that trick as well. Carmen takes the helicopter all the way to the top of this beautiful mountain completely oblivious to the fact that her husband-to-be was hiding behind her seat the whole time! They begin the shoot and Scott pops up behind Carmen from out of nowhere and hands her this beautifully wrapped gift. She opened it and to her surprise it was a vinyl record called “Let’s Get Married” by Jagged Edge. She begins to realize what is happening as Scott gets down on one knee, and the rest is history!

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