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Chris & Ashley’s Island House Wedding

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If you have access to a stunning island house surrounded by outstanding trees, boat docks, and of course the water- you make use of it. In fact, you have your wedding at that island house. This is what the adorable couple Ashley and Chris did. These sweethearts surrounded themselves with family, a gorgeous island house venue, and a light up LOVE sign hand made by the groom himself. Talk about a dream wedding!

We can tell Ashley and Chris lead a life of laughter, fun, and love from the photos captured by Nicholas Gore Weddings and filled not only with style and grace but also grins and giggles, not to mention their sweet proposal story. Congratulations Ashley and Chris!

Island House Wedding

From the Bride:

We first met each other at work and quickly became friends. I (Ashley) tried setting Chris up with some of my friends since he was new to the area! Life had other plans for us though, and our friendship later turned into a wonderful relationship … there was no turning back! We never thought in a million years that this was what the future had in store for us, but we are so thankful to have found each other. Life is not always easy, but we trusted in God to get us through the lows, and feel so blessed for the highs that followed! We are true believers that everything happens for a reason.

The Proposal (from Ashley):

October 16, 2015 I was working an off duty, I was actually working a wedding that afternoon and I got off at 5:30pm. Chris had called me at least 10 times that day asking what time I would be home, I thought he had lost his mind. He called me again at 5:00 pm asking when I would be home and I remember yelling at him asking what the h-e- double hockey sticks was wrong with him. I also told him that my phone battery was low and my phone might die , you would have thought I told him the world was ending.

5:30 comes and I leave work and head home. I plug my phone in while driving and get enough battery to call Chris and let him know I was on the way home but I was in Friday Charleston traffic. Chris again was super stressed and sounded so concerned about my traffic issue. I again asked what the heck was wrong with him as we didn’t have any plans and I was on call that night. He finally said that he was trying to cook dinner and he was putting salmon on the grill and he was trying to time it right and I totally believed this.

I pulled into the driveway, got out of my car, and walked towards the grill…. No Chris at the grill and the cover was still on the grill. I now knew something is up but I certainly didn’t know it was this. I turned around and started to walk down the sidewalk. I have a large bay window in the front of my house which has white curtains…the curtains were completely shut. I never pull the curtains all the way shut. I opened the door dressed in my full extremely attractive polyester uniform, vest, and gun belt on along with my hair in a bun with zero makeup on, looking real good (insert sarcasm now). The lights were all off, only about 100 candles provided light. Several dozen balloons filled our living room with photos of us attached to the strings of the balloons. Rose pedals were on the ground with several vases of flowers throughout the house with dozens of more photos of us.

I turned the corner and walked into the living room and Chris is already down on one knee. Lots of tears were shed and of course he asks the question will you marry me? My response was not immediately yes but instead it was ” wait I’m in my police uniform” but then of course it was yes!! Chris told me he didn’t care what I was wearing as this was us. He secretly got my call out covered and I got ready. We then had a wonderful dinner downtown Charleston at Burwells and we didn’t touch our cell phones until after dinner. It was the best moment ever and a night I will always remember until we are both 100 years old!

Magic Makers:

Photographer: Nicholas Gore Weddings | Caterer: Cafe Catering | Cake Designer: Cake my Day, Charleston | Transportation: Coastal Limo Charleston | Musicians: Ear for Music | Musicians: Fantasy Band | Equipment Rentals: Ooh Events | Floral Designer: Palmetto Petals | Linens and Coverings: Snyder Event Rentals | Event Venue: The Island House

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