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Santana & Aaron’s Festive New Orleans Wedding

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A grand ole, Big Easy style thank you to Jasmine White Photography for bringing us the New Orleans wedding experience. Santana and Aaron capture the ease, charm, and color of this popping Southern hotspot.

Santana graces us and her wedding guests with her simple and sweet, off-white dress, but remembers to dazzle everyone with a jeweled band that screams Mardi Gras fun. This couple isn’t afraid of a little color as they show us in their vibrant and sophisticated flower choices. Their style, color choices, and energy showed us how to love New Orleans, maybe as much as they love each other. Here’s to you Santana and Aaron, keep living that good life!


From Jasmine Rose Photography:

If you are on the fence about visiting New Orleans, let me help you with that – GO! Book it right now! Don’t look back! I have traveled so many places (in and out of the country) and no city has ever stolen my heart the way that New Orleans did. I really cannot say enough about how much we loved our trip and everything The Big Easy had to offer.

New Orleans Wedding

When Santana first contacted me about her wedding and said it was in New Orleans I was soooo excited to have the chance to go, and I am so thankful for Santana and Aaron making this trip possible for Jasmine Rose Photography. I am still in shock that she and Aaron brought us through 7 states to spend this important day with them, and I will forever be greatful for their NOLA + Jasmine matching making.


staton_bailey_jasminerosephotography_2e5b4737164_lowSantana and Aaron are so much fun, they spent most of their trip in NOLA going to concerts and living New Orleans nightlife … what a cool way to enjoy your wedding week, right? On the day of their wedding (that was supposed to be outdoors) we endured a huge rainstorm that forced their wedding plans indoors, and changing the venues of pretty much everything. Even with all the rain, I never saw Santana stressed while I was there – she was calm and collected and just going with the flow, and it makes me love her even more!

We ended up splitting her wedding into two days, Friday & Sunday. Friday we were able to shoot the wedding, get family photos, and a few outdoor portraits during a break in the rain. On Sunday the weather was perfect and we scheduled a sunset portrait and detail session near Jackson Square, right in New Orleans. Having the Sunday session enabled Jason and I to scout and explore NOLA for the perfect photo opportunities, so it made our portrait and detail session nothing short of amazing.

New Orleans Wedding

The fact that Santana and Aaron were just willing to go with the flow in order to get their portraits made all the difference in the world, and I am so in love with pretty much every photo from their wedding. Again, this entire trip was just perfect and surreal! Santana and Aaron, again, thank you so much for having us in New Orleans with you. You will forever hold a special place in our hearts and this trip marks a huge change in the JRP destination wedding game and we cannot wait to see where the next wedding takes us. Hope you love your sneak peek.

New Orleans Wedding

Magic Makers:

Photographer:  Jasmine White Photography | Bridesmaid Dresses: David’s Bridal | Caterer: Desi Vegas’s | Event Venue: Lafayette Hotel | Apparel: Maskarade

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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