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Young Love in Bloom Styled Shoot!

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Oh, young love. It’s what writers write about, musicians sing about, and something we all have dreamt about. And Edward Lai Photography captures it perfectly in this blooming style shoot located in Vancouver, BC. With a focus on old-school courtship, the Ali and Noah type we all know and love from The Notebook, we can’t help but fall head over heels for this shoot. The aesthetic of the shoot is simple, with crisp blues standing out against a backdrop of vibrant greens and florals, the youthfulness and innocence of the young love jumps off the screen. Here are some of our favorite shots below.

From Edward Lai Photography:

This is the styled engagement photo shoot I did in Vancouver, BC, and we shot this at Deer Lake, Vancouver BC

For our stylized engagement shoot we wanted a 1940’s courtship vibe, almost one that you saw in The Notebook. Maddy and Luc were young lovers, innocent yet passionate in their love. Their playfulness showed how young they were, but the look in Luc’s eyes when his made contact with Maddy’s let you know the seriousness of his heart.

We went soft with makeup and kept the wardrobe classic to keep the focus on the mood of the pictures. We shot at Deer Lake Park in Burnaby, BC and lucked out with great sunny weather during the shoot, with rain just as we were leaving.

young love

For our models, Maddy Lawson and Luc Van Heerden made this style shoot a simple nature look, and really show case how much fun they’re having, and add more fun during the photo shoot.

We hope that these images will inspire brides and grooms to take a simpler approach to their overall wedding aesthetic to achieve and vintage look.

young love

Magic Makers:

Photographer: Edward Lai Photography

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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