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Jeff & Tara’s Winter Wedding Weekend!

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It is amazing to see a couple who are so in love the warmth from that love can light up an entire weekend, and when it is 3 degrees below zero, you can only hope your other half can keep you warm and cozy. In the case of Jeff & Tara’s winter wedding weekend you can see how their warmth for each other powered their whole celebration.  J & E Fusion Photography was on hand to capture all of the warmth and love of this amazing couple! Congrats to Jeff and Tara!

Getting Ready:

The Couple:

The Ceremony:


Jeff & Tara met while they were both serving in the United States Army–their officiant actually introduced them, and became an officiant just so that he could be the one to marry them!


The Wedding Party:



From  J & E Fusion Photography: The creative session was slightly terrifying–the bride, groom, and entire bridal party ventured out with us onto the frozen Bellaire Lake. There was so much snow that it was hard to tell if we were on solid ground or on top of water! The snow was also so uneven that one minute we felt like we were on solid ground, and the next minute one of our legs was knee deep in snow. When we were moving quickly, every one of us briefly thought we might be crashing through ice into a freezing lake. Even though with the windchill it was about -3 degrees outside, they all managed to look warm and comfortable.

The Party:

From  J & E Fusion Photography: They shared their first dance with their son until he was tired of it and wanted to do some dancing of his own. Keeping with the winter wedding theme, a “shot ski” (ski lined with shot glasses) was on the edge of the dance floor and everyone was taking turns. They took a moment to bring all of their fellow men & women in uniform onto the dance floor to be honored for their service and friendship–a truly beautiful moment. Over 20 of their guests approached the dance floor to laugh, hug, and smile for photos. To see all of these people, know all that they sacrifice, and to see the joy on their faces was priceless. Everyone danced the night away and just as the reception was coming to a close, snow started to fall. A beautiful ending for a beautiful wedding, for an amazing couple whose love kept everyone warm.


Photographer:  J & E Fusion Photography
DJ: Harbor View Entertainment
Floral Designer: Lilies of the Alley
Dress Store: Eva’s Bridal & Fashion
Event Venue: Shanty Creek Resorts

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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