Spring Floral Trends!

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The wedding world is in maximum Flower Power and women’s shoes are blossoming everywhere. This article has to be one of the hardest ever to write. There are so many beautiful floral wedding shoes out there. Every time I clicked on a link, I would get choked up with excitement from seeing all these hot shoes. I don’t know, but I think I am going to have to do a two part series to this article. I found something for everyone! I found shoes for the fun and colorful woman, the classic woman, the sexy woman, the extravagant woman, the vintage/down-to-earth woman.


These shoes are for the fun and colorful woman. They are very playful and whimsical. The can be for brides, bridesmaids, and even young women. As always Betsey Johnson rocks some unexpected glamor at!


These Stuart Weitzmans from are for the classic and modest woman. These are very simple and petite. They can be considered conservative and a bit on the vintage side as well. These shoes remind me of musicals from the sixties and the Charleston in the thirties.

8691934_fpx.tifThis Badgley Mischka Peep Toe D’Orsay from  is for the sexy woman. I love how the arch of the shoe and the pedals on the toe were crafted. This style is very princess-y to me, as if you will feel young, spoiled, and frisky while wearing them.


This is a fine AND expensive Manolo Blahnik shoe costing almost $2,000. If I went and purchased something like this; One, I better NOT see any one else wearing them, ANYWHERE. Two, these shoes better feel like butter on my feet. It would be an extreme disappointed if they were to hurt. LOL


These shoes are for the playful. I can definitely see dancing being done in these shoes. They are adorable and I love the pearl around the ankle and the flower on the toe. The low heel tells me someone’s foot might not slide forward so much and make their ankle uncomfortable from the pearls.


These shoes are for the vintage woman. They are dazzling with its hand crafted lace, pearls, and diamante pattern.
“Gorgeous Handmade Pearl Wedding Shoes with subtle diamante scattering, the Floral pearls show the love for wedding, fairytale style. Vintage romantic touch. Perfect for Brides, Bridesmaids, and any occasions” says shoe designer laceNbling on


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