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Vera Wang’s NEW jewelry line is out ladies and it is just so precious! “All Vera Wang LOVE jewelry is hand-crafted in pure 14kt white or yellow gold. To enhance the beauty of the design, each piece is set with hand-selected, natural diamonds and sapphires. All diamonds in the Vera Wang LOVE collection are H-I color and S12-I1 clarity. Every engagement ring features the signature Vera Wang LOVE logo and blue sapphires nestled in the gallery as a symbol of everlasting love. Vera’s unique vision and elegant design aesthetic are now available worldwide.

I love Wang’s choice of style and detail. Describing her jewelry style, on her blog, Vera Unveiled Wang said, “My design philosophy is rooted in the classics. I believe in simple, elegant designs, that enhance the beauty of any bride.” Which is so true but I believe this collection was inspired by Kate Middleton and Princess Diana’s engagement rings. Think about it, the media raved about their rings when they announced their engagement AND it is definitely considered a conservative and royal style; which most women strive for.

The LOVE collection is extremely traditional and petite. If you are a woman who likes simple classic designs, this collection is for you.

The collection is mostly for women. Wang has a large collection of bands, engagement rings, earrings, pendants, and a few men’s bands. The collection includes a handful of gold and rose gold pieces. The men’s bands were sort-of disappointing. There are only, maybe, 10 men’s designs, and they are quiet generic. Honestly, the men’s collection is gorgeous but very traditional.

The whole collection is not as high priced, as you would think. Wang has a 1-1/2 carat diamond rings, including the signature sapphire, starting at $1,999.00. Wang only has about 5 pieces that are obscenely expensive. Her most expensive ring, a 4-1/2 carat diamond ring, similar to the one in the commercial, is about $49,999.00. Which is not bad if you have that kind of money. The whole collection, including pricing, can be found exclusively at

Overall, the LOVE collection is stunning. The positioning of the sapphires in each piece, gives the collection a magical and mysterious feel. Which, not to mention, adds that something blue to your big day. I know most couples can agree it is romantic when your relationship feels magical and mysterious. When I think about the new LOVE collection, I say to myself,  “Wow! Any women who receives a piece from this collection as a gift, truly is the most special women in the world.”


  1. I love big rings. It’s the girl in me. This ring is similar to the one in the commercial. Hopefully, you can agree that this ring is off the chain! Especially with the huge sapphire under the base. At 4-1/2 carats, “This enthralling engagement ring will absolutely be the envy of every woman. The graceful design features a 3 ct. round diamond center stone glittering in a cushion shaped frame covered with diamonds” says Wang.

12. This pendant is such a rich design.  It features a 3 ct. round diamond center stone glittering in a cushion shaped frame covered with diamonds.”


3. Diamond studs are ALWAYS a MUST HAVE. Studs are important but only adored if they are exclusive. There is nothing like having an exclusive stud such as Wang’s with a blue sapphire stone in the back setting. For me, it is all about the tiny details. I like it when people have to look twice to catch the expensive detail in my jewelry. “These exquisite earrings add the perfect amount of sophistication to any ensemble” says Wang

34. “Pure elegance best describes these stunning diamond drop earrings” says Wang. I cannot do anything but agree.


5. This is my favorite one. I love the miligrain, the row of diamonds, and the two sapphires on the side. I think this is the most masculine one. “The double row of shimmering round diamonds arranged across the band” really give it that sex appeal.


6. I LOVE THIS SET! It is regal and fine. “This resplendent bridal set is detailed and ornate, inspired by the Byzantine Era. The engagement ring features a 1/2 ct. round diamond center stone surrounded by a frame of accent diamonds” says Wang.



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