Introducing Joy Our Jewelry Guru!!

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Hello Ladies! I’d like to introduce myself, my name is Joy and I’m your new Jewelry Editor. I’m so excited to be working with everyone here at Just Bridal Beauty. It’s my dream job to be working with such a creative group and to be able to talk to all the brides about their special jewelry for one of the most amazing days of your life!

I have had a passion for jewelry from a very early age. I still have the very first piece of fine jewelry I ever received. It was an emerald and diamond ring, I was eight years old on vacation in Hilton Head and watched my father buy my mother a few pieces of fine jewelry at an auction. I wanted my own piece and won the ring as a door prize. I was so thrilled and a few people even offered to buy the ring from me, I’ve cherished it since that day. I know that as a bride the jewelry that you will wear on the day of your wedding will always hold a special place in your heart and every time you put on that necklace or the matching set of earrings and pendant, it will instantly transport you back to the day of your wedding and all those amazing memories.

Jewelry has the ability to tell a story and hold memories. It is a beautiful way to hold on to family history and traditions that have been passed on from our parents and grandparents. Every week I’ll be writing about a different jewelry trend, jewelry designer or some of those important questions about diamonds, gemstones and jewelry in general. In each issue keep an eye out for your favorite trends and how to wear them on your wedding day and incorporate them into what your bridesmaids will wear. I look forward to hearing from you ladies with questions, comments and how you took your favorite jewelry trend or that special heirloom and wore it on your wedding day!

Happy Planning Ladies,


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