Rings that make the CUT: Brilliant Earth!

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Launched in 2005, Brilliant Earth’s wide variety of engagement rings has our jaws on the floor! The idea of the company was conceived in 2004 when Beth Gerstein had issues finding her own engagement ring. Eventually, she partnered with her friend Eric Grossberg to develop the website; which launched later in July 2006. From art deco, to classically elegant, the website features a wide variety of rings for every type of bride! It even has a create your own engagement ring feature for brides who don’t stick to the status quo! Another thing we adore about Brilliant Earth is the brilliant prices! We find these rings incredibly affordable and customizable, which leaves a ton of wiggle room for finding the perfect style.

Not only is the website incredibly interactive, the brand is very eco-friendly as well! Conflict diamonds are diamonds that are harvested in a time and area of warfare to finance a warlord. This means the diamonds are traded illegally, and creates a hostile community for select areas in Africa. Brilliant Earth donates five percent of their profits to organizations that bring solace to these communities affected by said conflict diamonds. Below, we have listed our top five favorite rings for every kind of bride!

The Urban Bride


This Modern Geometric Ring matches the sharp artwork that is a city skyline. The ring boasts a single emerald-cut diamond complemented by two trapezoid-shaped diamonds, and two unique “bullet-shaped” diamonds. This ring comes with a custom wedding band to match the unique shape of the diamond-similar to the bride’s unique personality!

The Royal Bride


For the crème de la crème of brides, we definitely suggest this breathtaking ring! Boasting an average number of 116 stones, The Fortuna Diamond Ring will definitely match the persona of a royal woman. A single halo that surrounds the main diamond is complemented elegantly by the two rows of pavè diamonds that accentuate the split-shank band of the ring.

The Glamorous Bride


Love to be the center of attention? This ring is perfect for you! The Cometa Ring is a cushion-cut diamond which is set diagonally and adorned with a halo that consists of 30 french pavè diamond accents which creates a super unique look! This awe-worthy ring is created with recycled metal which means it’s is super eco-friendly as well.

The Traditional Bride


Some brides seek for a low-key, more toned down wedding, and that’s totally okay! Check out this understated piece which creates utter simplicity. Simple is chic! This classic solitaire also has rounded edged to create optimal comfort- after all, you’ll be wearing this ring for quite some time!

The Vintage Bride


What we adore about Brilliant Earth is their collection of vintage rings! These rings carry their own unique stories, which makes for a wonderful engagement ring. The Kalkora Ring is definitely one of our top picks! This art-deco ring was crafted in the 1920s, and has an Old European center cut, surrounded by twenty round-cut diamonds to emphasize the history of this magnificent ring!

Brilliant Earth has certainly caught our attention and the attention of the public. They will definitely bring about a more ethical market for the diamond trade- not to mention a happier bride. Thank you, Brilliant Earth, for adding a little more sparkle to lives all around the globe!

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