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Happy sparkly Tuesday Bridal Beauty Fans. We have such talent here at Bridal Beauty. I was talking with the beautiful and fabulous Nail Goddess Misty and she was telling me her inspiration for the beautiful nail color (will be featured on Thursday), and she sent me a picture of her beautiful self and this absolutely stunning necklace. J Crew style “Statement Necklace”. I will say the colors on this are outstanding and not only that, but she found her necklace on Etsy.

I have mentioned Etsy before and I will say that it seems to be holding strong in one of the top spots to go to for wedding accessories. They have fabulous sections on just wedding ranging from invitations, centerpieces, jewelry, and shoes. The list of unique and traditional Etsy stores dedicated to just the wedding industry is endless.

While the love of my life, you know Mr. Google, was busy doing his thing I sat my perky butt down and spent the good part of one evening perusing Etsy Wedding, not only for the Statement Necklace but I found other fabulous Bridal and Bridesmaid Jewelry available.

This week’s post on jewelry isn’t about just the bride, however some of you more color brides would enjoy these bright colors, as well as the nice bridal ones I have found.

Take a look at the shops listed below as well as the beautiful pieces I found.

  1. OOAK Victorian Style Statement Necklace  from Handmade by Semra  Ascioglu
  2. Bridal Pearl Statement Necklace from Virginia Geiger Jewels
  3. Small Hot Pink Bubble Statement Necklace From Nianiacollection

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