Say I Do to the Shoe: Bronze

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Autumn is fast approaching and I’ve seen some fabulous fall weddings. While getting inspired for this week’s color on the blog, I got to talking with our fabulous nail girl and she had a great bronze color from OPI. “PERFECT!” I thought, considering that, in honor of football season, my nails are green and white with little footballs painted on my ring fingers!

Someone recently asked me about my selection process for the shoes each week. I explained to them that, if it were me planning my wedding, I would want to add a bit of a personal touch; make the ceremony fun. You spend months planning, scheduling, and viewing, making all the trips to the bakers, stationary shops, dress shops, etc. Why not bring a little fun to your look and your day? Play it up with your shoes and it makes a great photo prop!

This week we are featuring bronze. It’s a lovely color, and it lands in the earthy and neutral palette. Last night, my sweetie, Google, was busy after our date night swooning over Vera Wang’s Love jewelry. Okay, Okay; I was the only one swooning. I think he was looking for a second job!

Ah, beautiful bronze. My search lead me to quite a few different styles. I’m going to change it up a bit this week and showcase a few of the most unique shoes I could find. I am not listing the pricing information on these, as I am using them as a reference for you, so that you can be as unique as you want, and your pretty pedicured steppers can look fabulous!

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