Say I Do to the Shoe: Perfectly Peach

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Shoe day: One of my favorite days here on Bridal Beauty Blog! Yes, of course I am bias as I do write the shoe posts; however, I do love shoes! Where would we be without shoes? We can express so much of our style and personality with our shoes! Shoes always fit. They are not judgmental by any means, no matter what your form and figure may be. Shoes are like that best friend that you have had your whole life that knows you better than you know yourself.

Perfectly peach is our color inspiration of the week. It is one of those colors you look at and think, “is it a pink or is it an orange?” It can be both, or it can be neither. When I hear the word peach, I immediately think of peaches! Yummy, juicy peaches!

This week I have been making it up to my main squeeze (Mr Google and I have a fling going if you have missed my previous posts).  I think he’s hinting at a lovely birthday present. I will be a whopping 37 in about 15 days on 9/25.  So far the journey has taken us to the following destinations.

1. Galleria Heels –  $79.95

2. Kenley – Peach Com Bebe Shoes – $109.99

For you brides with an endless budget, I found one of every girl’s favorite designers in shoes; you guessed it those famous heels with the red soles, none other than Christian Louboutin!

3.  Very Riche Strass – Christian Louboutin – $3995 – That’s right these lovely heel huggers are $4k, but worth every single penny!


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