Say I Do to the Shoe: Show Stoppers

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As you may have read in my Jewelry post this week, I gathered my inspiration from BB’s own beautiful Misty. I had so much fun looking at all the statement necklaces I am pretty sure I have a wish list for the next 3 Christmas’ and Birthday’s.

Each week I strive to bring you something new and exciting ideas that are a little out of the box when it comes to choosing accessories for your bridal look. We all know the traditional looks, white shoes, sparkly jewelry, however at the end of the day whatever look you are going for, and we all want our weddings to be just that, OUR weddings. We want something just a little bit unique to us to remember our day.

Most of the shoes I’m featuring today are highly expensive and I do not expect you to rush out and look for a pair of shoes that are anywhere from $200 on upward over $1500. These are purely for the show stopping “WOW” you might want to go for. I do know that a few of these shoes I have seen DIY versions popping up around Pinterest.

Show Stoppers, these are my favorite shoes to look at during Fashion Weeks. Watching all those models prancing around the runway in these odd clothes and at one point I said to the main squeeze, (you know Mr. Google, who has seen this and much more), where do these designers come up with such designs?

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