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Shoes are the most important component in a bride’s wardrobe- except for the dress, of course. They enhance your walk while adding an air of confidence. When I strap on my best pair of stilettos I feel invincible, which is how a bride should feel on her wedding day. Shoes define people, and serve as a vessel for their personality. For example, you wouldn’t think a woman in a black Louboutin Pigalle is inferior, and you definitely wouldn’t think a woman in Crocs has the best fashion judgement. So when it comes to looking fashionable and elegant for your pre and post-nuptials, we suggest checking out Emmy London’s latest collection of intricate footwear.

Emmy London was founded by Emmy Scarterfield over ten years ago, and has seen immense success. Emmy grew up with a passion for shoes that all began when she would stuff building blocks in her socks to create DIY high heels, how adorable! Little did the young Emmy know that she would create one of the most relevant shoe empires in the world, one that remains a staple in the wardrobe of every fashionista bride. Emmy London’s Cancello Collection is reminiscent of the ornate details in the gates located throughout Italy, while new textures are introduced through the modernized pom-poms that adorn a select few of the pieces.


Emmy London - Alessia

The Alessia is a modern take on the classic mule high heel. Emmy London revolutionized this shoe by adding to the heel height, transforming the entire shoe into something elegant. The beading reminds us of a bohemian bride, especially with the way the teal beads contrast the rest of the shoe. This heel pairs beautifully with a shorter gown due to its shape; plus, it deserves to be shown off!


Emmy London - Cecile

The Cecile features a beautiful blush hue and cream-colored beading. The length of the heel is ideal for a more comfortable fit. We love the how the shape of the toe is complimented by the elegance of the strap. Pair this shoe with a gorgeous ballgown to look like a princess on the big day!


Emmy London - Delfine

The Delfine is the perfect answer to the looming “something blue” question. This elegant shade of soft blue is ideal for a bride who seeks subtlety in her color palette. The short pump is adorned with a gorgeous mirror-like applique on the pointed-toe of the shoe. Pair this shoe with a dress that has structure to compliment that of the shoe.


Emmy London - Emilie

We are absolutely head-over-heels in love with The Emilie! This bootie is simple, featuring clean lines and a simple ivory color. The cleanness of the shoe is contrasted with a pom-pom on the heel to amplify the uniqueness of the shoe itself. This shoe would go well with a shorter dress that shares the simplistic characteristics that the shoe possesses.


Emmy London - Evelyn

This is definitely one of our favorite wedges! The blush color of the Evelyn is absolutely beautiful, and totally reminds us of Pantone’s Rose Quartz. Here you can see the intricate details on the shoe that are inspired by the beautiful gates in italy, especially on the wedge itself. We cannot even begin to imagine how much craftsmanship it took to create this shoe, and we are in total awe of its beauty. Pair it with a flowing, chiffon gown and a matching headpiece.

Every time Emmy London releases a new collection, we have a hard time picking up our jaws from off of the floor, and their Fall 2016 line is no exception. The amount of time put into designing and creating these shoes is unimaginable. You can never go wrong with Emmy London, they create the perfect shoes for any and every bride.

Emmy of Emmy London

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